We Lost

Much of my current reading has involved the marginalization of liberals. I think it’s been obvious all along that we lefties are disadvantaged and that the playing field was never even. The dumbing down of America has been very successful, leading to higher numbers of believers and the thinkers never stood a chance.

The country has been hijacked by those who would empower the credulous as their supporters, by the crazies who build Ark theme parks with tax dollars, by the confused who wear tea bags on their hats and think our President is a foreign national. And the irony is that the President is closer to their position than the nominally centrist position he espouses.

For he, too, is gullible, led down the free-market path. The path was surveyed by Milton Friedman, and like any religious leader his pronouncements can be taken many ways: the biggest lies are filled with truth. It was Friedman who proposed a reverse income tax – pay the poor, as if to say that those who have nothing are entitled to something. There’s those entitlements again, rearing their ugly head. For it was Friedman who said that economy is the relationship between dollars in circulation and services and goods on the market and when the dealer holds all the chips, the game can no longer be played.

Those who fear communism and socialism and who think that the remedy for those things is a fascist right stance don’t realize that they’re heading to a place once inhabited by Stalin. They’re proposing a security state to rival Pinochet’s. Now, with the murderous rampage of a young gunman, the dialog once again returns to disarming the public while the enemies gather at the gates ready to pick through the pieces of the fallen empire.

One by one, the elements of fascism close in on us. School boards want to revise history, not only for themselves, but for as much of the nation as they can influence. They promote religious fantasies in place of science and cause the liberals to fade from the historical record. All the while, the American student falls behind the rest of the world, American health care is relegated to those who still have remnants of their middle-class standing while others simply go without.

The picture of what the country is becoming is reminiscent of Dorian Gray – rotting on the inside while pretending to youthful vanities. The military flourishes and the old manufacturing firms struggle, while the vultures continue to skim the dollars off for themselves. The banks once again approach failure while the President insists that gains are being made. Statistics show growth, but it’s not the growth of the real economy but the paper economy that means nothing.

The politics moves to the right so far that those once thought left are now to the right of center. Those former liberals are much like the conservatives of yesterday and any true liberals no longer have a voice. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

When the CIA and free markets came to Chile the first act was to disappear the intellectuals. Speaking out meant being silenced. Mass graves contained those who were brave enough to voice the truth and those in a position to make change were tortured and killed. The intellectual voices must be silenced before dastardly deeds can commence because the voice of reason is like sunlight and the scoundrels are like vampires. Take away the voice of reason and darkness spreads over the country like a blanket.

And that’s the way the vampires want it.

Vampires is a metaphor, of course, for those who would suck the blood out of all they can – a rapacious act without conscience and an act that, like an animal fouling its own nest, can only keep going until there is no nesting ground left. How much more can the corporations pull from the masses of people until survival of even the corporations becomes impossible?

And yesterday, the corporations won an important battle in the war for supremacy. To paraphrase President Lyndon Johnson, “If we’ve lost Olbermann, we’ve lost the country.”

Feared by his detractors and loved by his followers, Keith Olbermann was the clearest voice in the effort to retain some sanity in a dying empire. It was always just a matter of time. He was a mistake that has finally been corrected, a bump in the continuum of an otherwise smooth takeover of the mindless machines of power.

Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, et. al., are merely Keith’s satellites and with no central body to orbit they will drift away – perhaps to obscurity, perhaps to other less meaningful venues – or maybe they’ll just learn to love Big Brother. For it was Keith’s strong influence that brought them to MSNBC and they cannot do what he can do, say what he can say, be what he can be. They cannot speak truth to power or convince anyone of the emperor’s nakedness or point at the man behind the curtain with the clairvoyance of Keith Olbermann and the support of an audience at once inspired and in awe of one brave enough to actually say what they all were thinking.

It’s the end of a brief supernova and the beginning of a clash of galaxies that will leave us all extinguished or damaged. It was a wisp of a voice of the ghost of Franklin D. Roosevelt calling to us from the grave dug by the greedy, the maniacs, the sociopathic puppeteers with strings deep in the weave of the economy.  The voice is gone now. Let the dead past bury its dead. They won.

We lost.


About herkblog

I'm an atheist. Although that's just a part of my life, I consider it to be important enough to me to be the main theme of this personal screed. I am self-employed in a service business and I live in Idaho, a place not known for its liberal qualities.
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