The Plan

In many events of the past few decades, it is usually assumed that something has gone a little caca and whichever crisis is currently wreaking havoc we feel that no one really saw it coming and that certainly no one wanted it to happen.

My position is that nothing could be further from the truth. I’m always aware of the possibility of falling into imagined conspiracies, but it seems to me that there is no need to imagine them. Surely, conspiracies abound.

In the previous post I alluded to this with the dictum cui bono? It seems logical to me to consider that if someone benefits from a crisis, then there may well have been a purposeful causation of that crisis. So, when an economy seems to be in its death throes, it might be well to assume that someone benefits or thinks that they will benefit from that very crisis. Whether this is a product of long-term thinking or short-term gains or both may be in question, but given the nature of the robber baron mentality one can only assume that it is a long-term plan.

In Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine we are introduced to the idea that the rich look out over the vast landscape of people and see the money that they hold as something the rich can get. The rich are international. It is fair to say that they may be U.S. citizens who are interested in wealth and control on a worldwide scale. This country is large and varied and pockets of wealth isolate and insulate these puppet masters from the worst effects of a failing society. As long as there are markets somewhere in the world; as long as there are banks and corporations these people will have a base from which to operate.  And as long as there are ways to infiltrate government and keep control of the Way Things Work there will be certain successes.

How is it, for example, that banks can act like drunk teenagers with a stolen checkbook and not only survive but thrive because of what they’ve done? To assume that this was all a foolish mistake and that it was aberrant behavior is to ignore the fact that it is repetitive behavior that can only happen willfully and purposefully. That there is great influence through the Tea Party ideology is evidence of the puppet masters behind the scenes moreso than it is evidence of real protest.

Wars also must be called into question. Would there be war if there were no profit? Would horrendous destruction be engaged in if there were no good end result for someone?

Reading Hitchen’s apologetics regarding the Iraq War, one might be cajoled into thinking that it really was the right thing to do. That the despot Hussein could only be removed by destroying the infrastructure of a country or that no ideological free market reasons were in play cannot be ignored. Facts were being fixed. The Bush Administration admitted to having used WMDs as a lever to launch the war, but their loyalties were always to the uber rich.

It was not so much that mistakes were made, but that the mistakes made were part of the plan. The Shock Doctrine was the order of the day.


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I'm an atheist. Although that's just a part of my life, I consider it to be important enough to me to be the main theme of this personal screed. I am self-employed in a service business and I live in Idaho, a place not known for its liberal qualities.
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